BBC.. a recent favorite

British Brewing Company on the top floor of Inorbit Vashi is a place I want to goto again2015-03-17 22.27.57 and again… and that would be just for the Minestrone Soup! Everywhere else I found funny versions of the soup & never the real deal. Though the soup here has the beans missing, it is still pretty good. And good for me means zero chilly :)

They also have a super tasty main course that serves 3 huge sausages.. no I mean really HUGE. Like 1 per person you know. And that’s served with a generous portion of mashed potatoes and delicious buttered veggies. I want to eat that one more time, but will need to go hungry for a day before I can eat all of that :D


Panini at Costa Coffee

So after a very long time I went to Costa Coffee, alone like last time. And there was one last piece left of a Smoked Chicken & Gouda Cheese Panini. The combination of that grilled Panini along with a tall glass of Mint Lemonade was divine! A must-have when you want to grab a quick bite. It will be on my favorite list (called All-Those-Definitely-Zero-Chilly-Items-That-I-Can-Eat) and a pakka preference whenever I goto Inorbit from now on :) :) Strongly recommended if you have taste buds like mine.