The Rules of Being Amazing

I always like Robin Sharma’s short videos. But this one I really loved and not just for the content.


A better life, a better you…

… in 30 days. Are you following Celes already? Then you must’ve surely seen her 30-day challenge. Yes I know none of us have that kind of time & isn’t it too much to do, blah blah.

I can’t seem to spare even a few minutes to do anything for myself. I cannot put things in a routine. And is all that really going to help? I’m sure we all have all these thoughts & questions.

But then, what is the harm in trying? How about treating it like a game you play for a month (like so many of those that you play on Facebook!)? How about just having faith in the activity & thinking MAYBE it will help straighten out ATLEAST a few things :)?

I am not perfect & I am still not done with Day 2 when it’s Day 3 already. But it’s ok.. even for you. I’m sure you will catch up when you see it is worth. Give it a shot!

The Link: Live a Better Life in 30 days