Watched a Marathi play at Vishnudas Bhave, Vashi. Did something like that after 4 years! We used to do it very often when I was in school. Should certainly start again :)

What was also special about today is that Mom met her childhood friend after 34 years! I used to hear a lot about Meera Maushi, but until a few days back, I didn’t realize that they’d been friends since they were 12 and had not met in so many years. I wonder how they’ve managed to be out of touch & still be so so excited & happy to see each other again.

But yes, it happened to me too, just a few days ago, when my school friend Devanshu appeared on Facebook out of nowhere! It was so great catching up & remembering those silly things we did in school :D Even his Mom remembered me… how sweet :)

I guess everyone makes loads of friends in life, but very few are lucky to have friends that remember you no matter what & catch up with you no matter how many long years have flown by. The last few days have been full of reunions.. hey, another close friend of mine had a college reunion today. I’m glad he’s going to be happy & excited too. Wish things like these happen more often!

So well, this post doesn’t really talk about U-Turn, the Marathi play. It’s a very good play though, just 2 people acting. Dad loved it. Must watch! :)