Custom Header Text Effect

One of the many blogs I subscribe to in my Google Reader is The Photoshop Lady. It has some reeeeally cool photoshop tutorials gathered from various blogs. Every time I open my Google Reader and scroll through them, I tag the ones I like as “TryIt”. And although I am too lazy to actually try them out, putting up this blog gave me a good chance to try one of them. The blog is really impressive, ‘coz it’s just a few simple techniques that really change the way your text appears.

Laziness still got in the way & I didn’t really do it as beautifully as mentioned in the blog post (I skipped various steps: the swirls, the pattern blending, adding the flare to the tips – which was surely the most brilliant effect in the tutorial). So I ended up with a quick & simple image:

The Custom Header

The Custom Header

The blog post: Shiny Calligraphy Text Effect in Photoshop