BBC.. a recent favorite

British Brewing Company on the top floor of Inorbit Vashi is a place I want to goto again2015-03-17 22.27.57 and again… and that would be just for the Minestrone Soup! Everywhere else I found funny versions of the soup & never the real deal. Though the soup here has the beans missing, it is still pretty good. And good for me means zero chilly :)

They also have a super tasty main course that serves 3 huge sausages.. no I mean really HUGE. Like 1 per person you know. And that’s served with a generous portion of mashed potatoes and delicious buttered veggies. I want to eat that one more time, but will need to go hungry for a day before I can eat all of that :D


Panini at Costa Coffee

So after a very long time I went to Costa Coffee, alone like last time. And there was one last piece left of a Smoked Chicken & Gouda Cheese Panini. The combination of that grilled Panini along with a tall glass of Mint Lemonade was divine! A must-have when you want to grab a quick bite. It will be on my favorite list (called All-Those-Definitely-Zero-Chilly-Items-That-I-Can-Eat) and a pakka preference whenever I goto Inorbit from now on :) :) Strongly recommended if you have taste buds like mine.

Indian food @ Xyka

Now don’t be so surprised. I DO goto Indian restaurants even if I can’t enjoy most of what they serve.

So it was Kurian’s birthday treat & we decided to try some new place. We had been seeing Xyka for a long time, but for some weird reason we thought it was a veggie place & we never went there. We as in my team members & me. We love catching someone among us even for the stupidest reason for a treat, so birthdays are no way an excuse. And the moment we found out that Xyka serves non-veg too, we were all pretty excited.

It’s a nice place with good service as well. And I’d recommend this place for all those who love Indian food. My personal favorite though was the Kabuli Naan. Donno if you guys have tried it, but I was new to it & found it awesome! And so so full of cashewnuts! The moment I saw it & thought to myself that I’d have to run a lot more on the treadmill after having just 1 piece :D

I’ll surely go there again if I have to entertain some Indian food lovers :)

The place: Xyka on Bannerghatta Road

Ordering Chinese? Call Chung Wah!

… that is if you live around J.P.Nagar/Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore :) There are a lot of good Chinese Restaurants around here & I like most of them. I haven’t been to Chung Wah, I mean I did once, but the place was so full I couldn’t eat there. I did order from there to office though, a couple of times.

They generally deliver within 45 mins, usually less, no matter how many things you have ordered. The food is really good; read that as “very good” ‘coz I am one big fussy gal when it comes to food. You’ve already heard my zero-chilly story; it gets worse with chinese food. I can eat non-veg but not egg (not directly; I can eat in cakes n stuff). So I have to specify THAT as well every time I order.

So yeah, short delivery time, a nice range of choices to order from & tasty food are Chung Wah’s strong points. I remember once I was having a bad throat & wanted the noodles with less oil (a friend of mine, David, rolled his eyes thinking who expects less oil in noodles?! – noodles made in the “Indian” chinese restaurants, that is). But Chung Wah really did that for me :) So I had the perfect Chicken Chowmein for lunch that day… with very li’l oil, no egg, no chilly and a pretty generous quantity too!

Oh did I mention the Pot of Prosperity? If you are a non-veg eater (I mean the hard-core one, not the no-red-meat or I-don’t-like-fish one) then you surely surely should try that. It’s really delicious with chicken, lamb, prawns, shitake mushrooms & other veggies. We ordered that dish (it’s a gravy) twice & I’m sure we’ll do that every time we order from there.

There is Chung Wah in a lot of places in Bangalore. Hopefully the delivery from the other branches is as good as the Banerghatta one. Try it :)

The link: Chung Wah Contacts

​Cold cuts at Spar Hypermarket

Yeah I’d seen this new section a few weeks ago, when my friends & I went to do some grocery shopping. But I hadn’t tried it at the time. Today when I went to Spar with Mom, I thought it was time to buy something different from the non-veg section. My parents & I (the zero chilly eaters group) love the Yummies Chicken Nuggets & Sumeru Fish Fillets. We eat them all the time, more so ‘coz the other alternatives have (atleast a dash of) chilly that none of us at home can eat. So a new option seemed interesting.

This new section at Spar has a good variety of cold cuts; chicken as well as the other red meat alternatives (yeah when I saw the bacon, I thought Dad’s gonna love this!). You can try some before you buy, which seems great ‘coz again I have to make sure that the “herbs” they say they’ve included might have chilly (or jalapenoes in the non-indian league of edibles). And I was really happy with the very first one I tried – the simple yet tasty Chicken Ham cold cut. It tastes great on its own! I’m surely going to buy more of it next time. In fact, I’m known for these phases which starts with me getting lucky enough to find something really delicious & then I keep having it all the time till the phase gradually ends ;)

Ok , so a pack of 8 slices (280 gms) cost me Rs. 98 & I think it’s really worth it :)

The place: Spar Hypermarket, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore