Lunch Buffet @ ISYS, Jayanagar

Yet another birthday treat & this time the birthday boy (read ‘victim to paying the lunch bill’) was Gunjan. As usual everyone was bored of the same ol’ restaurants so I googled a li’l further than our area – typed ‘Jayanagar’ for a change & was lucky enough to stumble onto a place that served Lunch Buffet on weekdays @ Rs 225+tax. Pretty good na?

We checked out the site & the place looked interesting. It really was. I must confess that Ohri’s Silver Metro (in Total Mall) is my all-time favorite place for lunch/dinner buffet, but I’ll save those details for another blog post.

ISYS has a nice blue ambiance. They serve you the soup at your table & then you can continue attacking the rest of the courses on your own. I (unlike everyone else) LOVED the veg soup & was wondering why I liked it so much. I later discovered it was Cheese & Cauliflower soup. It was really cheesy & I am a cheese lover ever since I remember eating. I used to be crazy about cheese! I still am; I just avoid large quantities of it now ;)

The food is really worth the price. They have a bigger salad & desserts section. And yes, the Moong Dal Halwa was the best of the desserts served that day :)

The place: ISYS @ The President Hotel