Indian food @ Xyka

Now don’t be so surprised. I DO goto Indian restaurants even if I can’t enjoy most of what they serve.

So it was Kurian’s birthday treat & we decided to try some new place. We had been seeing Xyka for a long time, but for some weird reason we thought it was a veggie place & we never went there. We as in my team members & me. We love catching someone among us even for the stupidest reason for a treat, so birthdays are no way an excuse. And the moment we found out that Xyka serves non-veg too, we were all pretty excited.

It’s a nice place with good service as well. And I’d recommend this place for all those who love Indian food. My personal favorite though was the Kabuli Naan. Donno if you guys have tried it, but I was new to it & found it awesome! And so so full of cashewnuts! The moment I saw it & thought to myself that I’d have to run a lot more on the treadmill after having just 1 piece :D

I’ll surely go there again if I have to entertain some Indian food lovers :)

The place: Xyka on Bannerghatta Road