Google search chrome extension

Google search for images has already become more interesting. This extension for chrome adds thumbnails to the usual search as well. Quite useful :)

The link: SearchPreview for Google


My 1st fav Chrome Extension – Bubble Translate

I’d been eagerly waiting for Chrome to come up with extensions, more ‘coz I was so addicted to the cool ones that Firefox provided. And finally when Chrome came up with it, I was just not finding time to install them.

Thanx to my friend Salil who managed to poke me enough to do it today. My problem actually was that I was not getting the “Extensions” option & was too lazy to check out why. Also, I had assumed that I had changed my Chrome Channel to Dev when actually it was only Beta.

Ok, so after correcting that I checked out all the extensions till date. Installed a few too. The last in the list was this Bubble Translate. It caught my attention ‘coz I have this Chinese friend Jocelynn in Malaysia who writes her blogs in Chinese & keep pasting her content to Google Language tools every time to see what she is saying. So this bubble thing seems really great for someone as lazy as me :)

Within no time I could figure how to use this extension (just Press Ctrl + select some text & pop comes the bubble with the English translation) & it translates pretty quickly as well. It’s a really good idea.. I loved it!

The link: Bubble Translate