Ordering Chinese? Call Chung Wah!

… that is if you live around J.P.Nagar/Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore :) There are a lot of good Chinese Restaurants around here & I like most of them. I haven’t been to Chung Wah, I mean I did once, but the place was so full I couldn’t eat there. I did order from there to office though, a couple of times.

They generally deliver within 45 mins, usually less, no matter how many things you have ordered. The food is really good; read that as “very good” ‘coz I am one big fussy gal when it comes to food. You’ve already heard my zero-chilly story; it gets worse with chinese food. I can eat non-veg but not egg (not directly; I can eat in cakes n stuff). So I have to specify THAT as well every time I order.

So yeah, short delivery time, a nice range of choices to order from & tasty food are Chung Wah’s strong points. I remember once I was having a bad throat & wanted the noodles with less oil (a friend of mine, David, rolled his eyes thinking who expects less oil in noodles?! – noodles made in the “Indian” chinese restaurants, that is). But Chung Wah really did that for me :) So I had the perfect Chicken Chowmein for lunch that day… with very li’l oil, no egg, no chilly and a pretty generous quantity too!

Oh did I mention the Pot of Prosperity? If you are a non-veg eater (I mean the hard-core one, not the no-red-meat or I-don’t-like-fish one) then you surely surely should try that. It’s really delicious with chicken, lamb, prawns, shitake mushrooms & other veggies. We ordered that dish (it’s a gravy) twice & I’m sure we’ll do that every time we order from there.

There is Chung Wah in a lot of places in Bangalore. Hopefully the delivery from the other branches is as good as the Banerghatta one. Try it :)

The link: Chung Wah Contacts