Bose In-Ear Headphones

Bose doesn’t require any praises; it has a quality of it’s own and everyone knows that fact. That is why I was so very excited when I bought my very first Bose product – the In-ear headphones.

The day I went to the store to buy them, they were out of stock & the guy there asked me to try the noise-cancelling ones. They were realllly ammazing. When I wore them it felt like I was in another world (yeah they really DID cancel the noise around) and yet they sat so softly on my ears. But well, the 21k INR headphones are for next time ;)

So I have been enjoying music with the in-ear ones for quite some time. Today, Dad borrowed them for a while & gave me his other earphones till he used mine. And with those I was listening to our all-time-fav-song-these-days Dooriyan from Love Aaj Kal. Believe me, it felt as if I was listening to incomplete music. There were so many details missing! Turning up the volume was no good either. Bose is simply the best – I was convinced yet another time.

The link: Bose In-ear headphones (India)