Recent addiction…

… and I was so addicted to this game that I had to uninstall it from my SGS. I still have it on Mom’s iPad though :)


Draw Something… so addicting!

Dad mentioned he wanted an app on the iPad which would let him draw. While browsing the App Store, I thought this is what Draw Something actually did. But it turned out to be such an addictive game! I love it.. more so ‘coz I always loved playing Pictionary & miss doing that with friends. This is a fun way to play something like that with random online players. Found it on Android too.. awesome!

My new “phlog”

… apparently that is a synonym for photoblog.

Photoblogging is something I always wanted to do. I did make attempts at creating blogs with pics that don’t generally go into the occasional albums you upload using Picasa. I wanted something less boring than that and also a lot lazier option than designing a personal photo website. The photoblog themes on WordPress are really cool (I liked Autofocus best), but still I wanted something different, not necessarily better.

Recently I noticed the Android Market sport an app – Lightbox. Seeing the attractive promo pic, I couldn’t help but try it out (yes I ALWAYS fall for the looks!).

Well I’m glad I did, ‘coz sharing my random pics is now a breeze…


The link:

Easy search on your android

Thanx to Google Labs & my friend Sangram (who btw loves sharing knowledge more than ANYone I have ever known!), I have now installed Gesture Search on my SGS. Yes there is the usual Google search widget which normally sits on your front screen & you type into it to search through anything on your phone or online, but this one is so much cooler! It’s Sangram’s favorite & so I highly recommend it :)

Counting sheep?

Yes, a cute sheep is what this app uses as its icon. Relax and Sleep is a very simple android application created by Mizu Software Solutions, where you can select your favorite soothing sounds & lull yourself to sleep. I’ve been using it almost everyday since I downloaded it! So I just HAD TO blog about it :)

The best part I like is the timer. The app will keep playing & then shut after those many minutes. So when I know I might not sleep sooner, I increase the countdown to 10/15 minutes as opposed to the usual 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can set it as an alarm.

My favorite sounds are the Thunder & the Windchimes, but also listening to Crickets & Frogs for a change these days ;)

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