Buying MP3 online – service discontinued :(

I remember about more than a year ago when I decided to only “buy” music, movies, ebooks & software (AND purge everything else that was not paid for), I was having a hard time finding all my favorite songs. Unlike iTunes in the US, there was nothing online to help me pay for & download the songs I wanted.. until Flipkart came up with their Flyte section. It was such a blessing!

At first, they used to allow downloading a song only 4 times after buying it, but now that’s become unlimited. And my most recent purchase was free too ‘coz I found some bonus 200 bucks in the Flipkart Wallet; really great!


Flipkart is already known for their good customer support & home delivery, but I really insist you use it for buying your MP3s too.. they hardly cost much :)