BBC.. a recent favorite

British Brewing Company on the top floor of Inorbit Vashi is a place I want to goto again2015-03-17 22.27.57 and again… and that would be just for the Minestrone Soup! Everywhere else I found funny versions of the soup & never the real deal. Though the soup here has the beans missing, it is still pretty good. And good for me means zero chilly :)

They also have a super tasty main course that serves 3 huge sausages.. no I mean really HUGE. Like 1 per person you know. And that’s served with a generous portion of mashed potatoes and delicious buttered veggies. I want to eat that one more time, but will need to go hungry for a day before I can eat all of that :D


My recent night cream

When I was a child and watched Mom work in her salon, she always spoke about how “35” was the age post which facials, egg-white face packs, night creams, etc, etc regimens become mandatory. Well, she never meant for me to interpret I shouldn’t care before that at all. But since “that” birthday just happened this year,
I was in search of a good night cream thinking let’s make the number an excuse to start.

Just like all the things I shop for, the first cream I laid my eyes on has suited me well for more than a month now. The night cream in the Shiso Whitening category by The Body Shop has nothing to do with whitening (is what the guy there said to me) and actually keeps the complexion clearer. Not meant for oily skin types.