​Cold cuts at Spar Hypermarket

Yeah I’d seen this new section a few weeks ago, when my friends & I went to do some grocery shopping. But I hadn’t tried it at the time. Today when I went to Spar with Mom, I thought it was time to buy something different from the non-veg section. My parents & I (the zero chilly eaters group) love the Yummies Chicken Nuggets & Sumeru Fish Fillets. We eat them all the time, more so ‘coz the other alternatives have (atleast a dash of) chilly that none of us at home can eat. So a new option seemed interesting.

This new section at Spar has a good variety of cold cuts; chicken as well as the other red meat alternatives (yeah when I saw the bacon, I thought Dad’s gonna love this!). You can try some before you buy, which seems great ‘coz again I have to make sure that the “herbs” they say they’ve included might have chilly (or jalapenoes in the non-indian league of edibles). And I was really happy with the very first one I tried – the simple yet tasty Chicken Ham cold cut. It tastes great on its own! I’m surely going to buy more of it next time. In fact, I’m known for these phases which starts with me getting lucky enough to find something really delicious & then I keep having it all the time till the phase gradually ends ;)

Ok , so a pack of 8 slices (280 gms) cost me Rs. 98 & I think it’s really worth it :)

The place: Spar Hypermarket, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore


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