An Eye Make-Up Remover you always wanted

Ok this is my first girly post (of course you guessed that from the title!) so guys, please move on to read something else, unless… well ;)

Now we all know that The Body Shop has a wide range of amazing products. Mom had been a fan of The Body Shop even before I was born & me, only after I could start affording it ;) Till then I just spent time lusting to buy them some day.

So yeah, coming back to the story… a few days ago, I shared my Camomile Eye Make-up remover with my friend Dipti & she was surprised how smoothly & quickly it removed the eye make-up yet leaving the eye lids feeling so soft. And it’s true; it’s really easy on the delicate skin around your eyes. I highly recommend it… and thanx to my friend for making me realize I was taking it for granted, though I use it almost everyday!

The Product: Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (link from the Indian portal)


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